Hello, dear reader. My name is Anna and I'm nineteen years old. I currently reside in Ireland, but like to travel and dream about other worlds. One day, I'd like to be an author, but right now, I'm a student and amateur photographer, with an interest in music, literature and the world around me. I hope you stick around, and see the world through my eyes for a few moments.

I created Zu Hause in August 2012, and have been blogging here ever since. Zu Hause means 'at home' in German, which reflects the way I feel about the earth. I may live in just one house, but the entire world is my home, and your home too. In this crazy internet sphere, I've nestled in and created home here too.

For any photos that you see on this blog, I've used the Nikon D3200 with the kit lens, 18-55mm, unless otherwise stated (always in the bottom right-hand corner in such an event).

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