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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Heidelberg, Germany

I'd like to preface this post by saying that I feel like an absolute hypocrite. I know I said I don't travel as much as it may seem, and usually it's true! Last year I only left the country once. However this year, 2018, it's likely that I'll be doing a good bit more travel. And none of it will be very costly. The flights I got to Germany were inexpensive, as was the bus trip from Stuttgart to Heidelberg. Can I also just add that the food and general prices of things were so much more reasonable (is that fair to say?) in Germany. When I came home, I was kind of shocked at how expensive it is to buy lunch here (I daresay it's standard to pay ten quid) when I was getting delicious freshly made rolls in Heidelberg for an average of three euros. Anyway, I digress. I'm very excited to travel more this year, and am glad that I already have a trip to share with you!

After getting over the flu, and then hurriedly writing essays for college that I needed desperately to get in before I went away, I boarded my first flight of 2018. As may be obvious to you from the title of this blog, I adore German and Germany. The last time I was there, I was 16 years old and my German wasn't as polished, and my accent was quite frankly terrible. That experience taught me so much about the language and the culture, and introduced me to foods, brands and shops that you can only get in Germany. Being back, 19-going-on-20, felt so wonderful. If I haven't already said so, I'm studying German in university as part of my degree, and it's possible that I'll spend some portion of my time in a German university. Heidelberg is on the cards, so I really wanted to see it, and I was far from disappointed.

One of my favourite places was the Jesuit church you see above. Wherever I go, I visit the church regardless of denomination, just to see the architecture and enjoy the environment. I went in twice, once with a group and then again on a quiet morning by myself. When I went the second time, there were only one or two others there and the organist was filling the church with really powerful music. As I lit a candle, I felt really terribly fortunate to be there. The church itself is modern and unfinished, but it really appealed to me.

I expected Heidelberg to be an incredibly quaint place- some small pastel-coloured city, but it was in fact far larger than I expected. While you can easily walk through the whole town in half an hour, it has tendrils which extend beyond it with much more to explore and different vibes. Seeing as I was only there for a few days, I didn't get to see everything in as much detail as I'd have liked to, but I think that's a good sign in a place.

How cute is this giant lego figure of Martin Luther? This church was a lot darker, but still cool to see. And to see all the Christmas trees still up was endearing. The stained-glass windows were modern and offset the other classical elements of the building.

So apparently I took way too many pictures of the river. I'm sorry. I should know better, but I can never help myself when I see luscious bodies of water. It's the River Neckar, and it's lovely. I love it when water is integral to a place (that feels like a weird sentence). There's just something so refreshing about the water. You could just stand and look at it for ages. Not to mention all the beautiful and unique houses that lined the river.

In typical Anna fashion, I was not able to condense all I want to say into one post. So I'll conclude my dreamy Heidelberg thoughts in a couple of weeks' time when I show you the Philosophenweg and the castle.

Have you ever been to Heidelberg? If not, would you like to go?

Anna x

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