Friday, 27 October 2017

Vigevano, Lombardia

We'd spent a number of days in Milan, comprising of shopping, sight-seeing and an awful lot of walking. It seemed like there wasn't much left to do, except maybe find some good restaurants. So instead of doing more of the same, we booked train tickets to the nearby town of Vigevano. I'd certainly never heard of it, and didn't expect much, but boy- was it pretty.

We found it to be a lot quieter than Milan. The shops closed and opened at unusual hours, and many of the paths had few people on them. It was peaceful, and the food we had in the main piazza was really delicious. Having found Milanese food a little underwhelming, eating in Vivegano was such a treat.

From the top of the Bramante Tower, we got a good view of the small town. All of the orange-y roofs in the heat gave a beautiful picture of Italy. It was special to see it really, the sun beating down on us.

The cathedral was magnificent, again, a quiet spot. It was a perfect demonstration of devotion; it was so clear to me how much the people who built it wished to glorify their god, and the mood of the place was very sacred and peaceful.

I really enjoyed our day-trip to Vigevano. It was calming and pleasing to the eye.

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