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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Journal Inspiration

Journaling is such a great personal tool. I've been keeping a creative journal for about two and a half years. It's tiny, from MUJI, with dotted pages. My mum got it for me when she was in Taiwan, so I wanted to find a special use for it, and I think I did. Using a journal is great because it can be whatever I want it to be. It's an ideal place to stick memories like tickets and photos in, when you don't know where else to keep them. I like to write down my thoughts in a poetic way too. Sometimes I'll find something I've jotted down in the margin of a school book and transfer it to my journal to immortalise it. I stick in pieces of art I've made- I let the journal speak of me.

Something that I did not necessarily expect going in was how it would display to me the differences in my interests as I got older. The early pages have song lyrics and happy thoughts about music artists I used to love, and names of friends I used to be closer to. In this way it can map out a journey, an emotional and physical one as plane and train tickets line the pages in between.

The cover has a kind of zip lock mechanism, where I've put a decorative piece of paper, but I also like to hide pages that I haven't yet included in the notebook, but would one day like to. Sticking lots of things into such a notebook does take up a lot of room, so you can either go for the chunky look, or use the other pages for shopping lists and the like. I'm happy to rip out pages when I'm not happy with how they look- I really want this paper space to reflect my innermost thoughts, as well as to be aesthetically pleasing.

As you can see above, I also stick in pretty things that others have made. Les Parapluies by Renoir is one of my favourite paintings ever, so I wanted to include it. It's fun to coordinate pages side by side, even when the themes don't always have much to do with each other. In a way, what this is is a cross between journaling and scrapbooking. Either way, it's lots of fun, and I'm happy with how it's coming along.

1. the cover // 2. the opening pages (though not everything in the journal is happy!) // 3. a taylor swift lyric & a dog i found in a magazine // 4. a poem i wrote & a madeiran cable car ticket // 5. a croissant i painted // 6. les parapluies by renoir & more poetry

Do you journal or scrapbook?

Anna x

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