Thursday, 25 May 2017

Madeira // Hill Walking and Whale Watching

 photo 8187ba509ba0ccf245baf5debb66e8c7_zpshuemydpx.jpg
 photo 667f3169950440872330f7ed8ef3c533_zpsro7uo7ez.jpg
02.11.2016 we thought we got further than we did

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 photo 09b000fe62ad155d9cc40e0e85afe0d5_zpsuhkuxnp5.jpg
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 photo 67f22f3b46276930fbdf072805c27331_zpspipxkkyq.jpg
 photo 15e06bf1f45f7a80316022297d4ebead_zpsdqocgmf4.jpg
 photo 55d5304b6195a8e05843be69cd0a716a_zpsr9a1cujs.jpg
 photo fe72160452d3d4fe28977eb93d064ead_zpspanoyjld.jpg
03.11.2016 we saw pilot whales!

 photo 8c3b3265dfb88176914f1eedcd23c013_zpsd16avsvk.jpg
 photo 4916a7097d1a8029722026f8bbcd902a_zpsvtwzzl1w.jpg
04.11.2016 Santana & a tiny banana

Stay tuned for the final post in my Madeira series, coming at the end of next month! It really was, in many ways, a phenomenal trip, one which I was so pleased and privileged to be able to photograph.


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